THe value of Big Spring...

Big Spring Farm offers the best of an all inclusive approach, without limiting your options to make your day unique to you! Every one of our event packages includes our signature event props, saving you valuable time and investment for your big day! 

Rental Estimates for A 150 person event at other venues...

  • 60" rounds, cocktail tables, and buffet rectangle tables- $400
  • Reclaimed wood farm tables- $650
  • Genuine wine and bourbon barrels- $450
  • Bars- $600
  • Vintage Church Pews- $300
  • Chairs- $600
  • Ceremony Trellis- $250
  • Bonfire Service- $150
  • Miscellaneous (umbrella service, parking attendants, etc.)- $400
  • Cantina lighting, uplighting, chandelier, and drapery- $2,600
  • Rain plan (cost of a tent rental for venues without a plan)- $2,400

TOTAL Rental Estimate: $8,800

Our packages start at $4,600... 

and include all of the above!